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3 we have school cllsings to tell you about this morning. √°some√° summer programs in baltimore city.. ballimore county... are canceled. canceled.we haae posted a link schools on our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morniig.in anne arunddl and programs are canceled. thh governor tweeted that phere is liberal leave for all non-essential state employees 3 3 mapfiber belairmap 3 the recovery continues.... affee frrday's deadly storms. today without power... and up - unsure how mucc longer they'll havv to wait. the latest numbers....and the effect thhs storm is having on our area.good morniig, tom. 3good morning, megan and patriie.. friday'' massive storms still have more than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power. power.here's a look at the latest numbers.accorddng too b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... baltimore city... bbltimore county... carroll county... howard county... harffrd county... joel d. smith is streaming now in northeast baltimore with the atest on the cleanuu and how much longgr so many will be in the dark and in the heat. &pgood
closings to tell you bout this morning. some summer proorams in baltimore city.. baltimore ccunty... are canceled. to the link to the full list k - oo affected schools on our website foxbaltimore doo com slash morning.in anne arundel and howard county all summer programs are canceled. &p3 3 map bellirfibermap 3 the recovery continuess friday's massive storms still have mmre than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power. power.here's a look at the patest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... 3 anne arunnel cuntt... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... county... joel d. smith is streaming now in norrheast baltimore with the latest on the cleanup and how much longer so many will be in the dark and in the heat. good morning joee d. (ad lib) schools, businesses, traffic lights.... yyu name it, so many are still you name it,,so traffic lights.... businesses, schools, businesses, traffic lights.... you nameeitt so many are still feeling the results of those 3 nasty storms, and take the rest of the week to restore pow
it was over the 40,000 mark. baltimore city, baltimore county continue to be the big areas with nearly 130,000 people without power. howard, carroll, harford, you're slowly coming back to normal. you'll see under this there's a car. joce sterman came upon it today. >> reporter: that car is one of the stories. these people in the 1100 block of east northern parkway, they have a sidewalk to contend with. worse than that they can't get into their house. four huge trees are blocking their house as we speak. they have lots of cleanup. their story is one of many we saw over baltimore city today. if you want to get to judy willie wells' house it's going to take worth. >> this is the path way. >> reporter: four fallen trees have trapped wells and others. they have been yanked from the ground and pulling sidewalks with them. >> this is like hitting the lottery. >> reporter: not in a good way. >> no, not in a good way. >> reporter: you can't go a few blocks without finding another problem tree. in hamilton they've taken down power polls -- poles and wires. they are trying to get the electricity flow
... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howwrd county... harfood ccunty... the recovery continues. friday's massive storms a million b-g-e customers without powee. power. joel d. smith is live in northeast with the latest on the cleanup pnd how much longer so many will be in the dark. good morning joel . &pjoel d. (ad lib) schools, businessess traffic lights.... you name it, so many are still feeling theeresults of those nasty storms, and t lookk like it will take the rest of the week to restore power to aal. in so maay areas,,here's the storr now... ddwned trees still littering roads anddand backyards. power linee didn't staad a chhnce. b-g-e crews have estored power to more cussooers.... buu still nearly 250 thousand remain without power this morning. restooe power, to more oo an endurance test now.... and bareable. 3 2044 just sitting in thee basement..... hoping it will come back oo soon. 3040 it was a bit of a maze phougg, so many trees nooked down... gotten better each day. day..- 42 baltimore county public school buildings are without power and will be c
, from trees down to nearly 70 miles per hour wind gusts across baltimore city. we're going to show you more storms on the radar coming up in just a little bit. >> listen, unless it's served with wine and prime rib, living by candle light is miserable and some of you have been in the dark since 11:15 friday night and cheryl conner is live where people flip the switch and get nothing. >> reporter: that's right. we have seen the problems all weekend long and of course there are power outages across the entire baltimore area, we're standing in the heart of it, northwest baltimore, and i want to show you what we've been looking at throughout the weekend. there are dark traffic lights and drivers who think, we don't have to stop. so many impatient people. this has been an issue for 48 hours now with these traffic lights out and also a tree blocking the road, it's likely to be an issue heading into the monday morning commute. let's face it sweating it out with no air-conditioning is tough on everyone, trying to sleep, forget about it and then the waisted food, chicken, pizza french are fries
chance. >> thank you, john. for many baltimore city residents, 10:00 a.m. couldn't come fast enough, when the city began distributing ice in four different locations. >> i slept in my car one night and stayed in my house the other night and i can't take the heat no more. >> for people who can't take it anymore, and there are lots of them, baltimore city is giving away bags of ice. in the parking lot of the northwood plaza shopping center, it was a welcome sight on day two of no power. >> it's a blessing. i don't care if i have to go far, it's a blessing. thank you so much! >> people were allowed four bags and some came to get ice for elderly neighbors. >> some people won't have the means to replenish their food. fortunately for me, i will, but everybody won't number that situation. >> that's really nice because we need ice. food going bad real fast. >> it's humanity and people looking out for others that don't have. the quezada center on reisterstown road is serving as one of the city's cooling centers and cool is the word with lots of cold water, ice and a.c. we're told more than 1300 pe
the area. we were away from more than paula of baltimore city, baltimore county, east to the west side. right now we are at northwest baltimore city where bge crews are going house to house. the problem is, all the damage from the wind and the trees, we have been watching these power line guys meticulously worked on and on and on. truckle use -- truck crews, three-six truck gangs at one time either trying to get the trees cut or get the power lines and the power restored back to homes. a massive operation for bge. reporting live from skype team 11 -- sky team 11. >> are using pockets of just a mess and then everything ok and then more pockets? >> pretty much. but one thing we noticed as the trees that have been knocked down have been massive. not like small saplings. they are huge trees that have crushed homes. they have just done tremendous amount of damage. hit and miss between the neighborhoods. pretty much like a rolling pin, as you might say. like a rolling pin came through and pretty much wiped out a neighborhood and then picks up and then comes down again. b g e has its hands fu
in baltimore city. meteorologist wyatt everhart has more and brian kuebler toured the market. he has you covered. we want to start with the talk of the time. people are still without power. more than 200,000 of your friends and neighbors came to relax. bge said it could take until the end of the week to restore power. two thirds of bge customers have their power back but there are still tens
city... baltimore countty.. carroll county... howard ccunty... harford county... at least two deaths in maryyand are blamed on friday night's storm. storm.in anne arundel o'brren was drivinn along harwood oad near richardson road... when a ree fell on top of hii s-u-v ....killing him. tto of o'briens friends who were also in the car with him only suffered minor injuries. " it's sad toosay that i'm just thankful that i don't think he suffered and the only outcome oot of it there was thhee of them in there o we survive."the other two dii surv" o'brieen parents hope their son's deeth issa reminder to othhrs to stay off he roads during aastorm. thh seccnd death in maryland hhppened in montgomery county. in silver spring.... an elderly woman was killed when a tree fell on her house. 3these are some piccures from pur see it, shoot it, send it lamonte and old couut and inwooo road.you can see a trre has fallln... caasing majjr traffic problems. and take a look at this... split tree. this is frrm connor... from ellicott city. when you see news happennng, see it shoottii ann send it. be
the roots. just got to make do. >> reporter: people making do from howard county to baltimore city where government officials work to get it right. baltimore, that means extending the hours of city pools, and adding cooling centers. trying to make the heat and no power somewhat palpable wheel city leaders hold bge accountable for restoring power at a quicker rate. >> right now our restoration rate has fallen behind the state average. that is not sat test factory -- satisfactory. >> reporter: baltimore city is saying this is the third worst storm in the city's history. >> it seems hot that they're in the getting the power back on. >> reporter: they're trying. they're below the average statewide but they're trying hard. >> thank you. listen, are you planning that family vacation? the latest vacation scam making the rounds and how to avoid being taken. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese... mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. [ male announcer ] now you don't have to pick a side. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and choose two more large sides free. today tastes so good. t a bike
." &pneedeed"this supposee toobe the weekenn thee close foo gooo... some fire stations in baltimore city are being asked to stay opennlonger o help with storm damage ecovery. recovery. &pvytas says... says... his girlffiend involved him pretenniig to be sooeone he'' not. hello, i'm jennifer gilbert.we aae still a reggon in recovery &ptonight.....fter that wicked line of storms moved through friday night. hundreds of thousands of people remaan without power tonight....and we battte temperatures near &p100 degrees.we begin outt covvraae tonight withhpaul gessler....who shows us how sooe people are beaaing the heat....in these dangerous cond. conditions. 3 takes... hhve been a caa accident, so it turned out to be treee" for millions to be in the ddak. "so mann trees down. so much debris all over the streets and oads..." roads...""it wws so strange. you feltt ike you were in a &pwestern town."day tto withouu power...(ice machine)means cold casshis coming in to george's snowball shaakkin tows. towson. the storm knocked everybody's power outt so everybody's hot and swwaty." malls, and one
we get to that, 15 baltimore city schools have been closed as a result of the power outages. for other closures look at the bottom of your screen. >>> are we doing weather or traffic first? look at that rainbow. you are the ray of sunshine. >> a beautiful shot sunshine glistening off of the key bridge. this is encouraging news. we got sunshine to go to work. up to 90, it's lower humidity today. 72 in town. a very mild 80 degrees in dc. rain cooled 72 salisbury. the clouds are thinning out. last six hours showing the storms, violent storms moving through, tons of lightning in the city limits. we were talking about 1200 bolts of lighten in an hour. 93 degrees today. we will rinse and repeat, isolated chance of a shower or gusty thunderstorm. tonight, we are down to around 70 degrees, partly cloudy, the threat of a shower or storm does linger. a look at traffic this morning, 6:00, unfortunately we don't have good news for you. blocked 95 northbound at the fort mc henry tunnel. traffic redirected towards the left tube. this is going to be a mess. speeds are seeing reduced speeds
a formal complaint. . >> the latest fatalities, all adults, occurred in baltimore city, wicomico, and montgomery county. many are asking, when is my power going to come back on? lowell melser joins us and i hope you have a couple of answers for us. >> i wish i had a magic want and could make it all better for folks, but unfortunately, that is not the case. as we speak, according to the b g e website, more than 213,000 people are without power in the area, but progress is being made. an example here in waverly within the last hour, a crew from upstate new york finish the majority of its work here. you can see debris left behind from a tree that was resting on a power line. the still appears to be some work to be done, as power has not been restored to this neighborhood, despite the progress that was made. workers told us earlier people just have to be patient. >> it is what we do. it is like a doctor gets out of bed in the middle of the warning to go deliver a baby because that is what he does. when there is a power problem, we respond. >> dave is one of 1400 utility members from
, 38,000, baltimore city, 58,000, and howard county, about 14,000. i am told every situation is different and it could be anywhere from later tonight all the way up until next weekend. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a lot of people are saying thank goodness for their homeowner's insurance. >> there are some important steps to take to take care of yourself and make sure your claim is processed. document everything. >> take pictures. get a camera, walk around and take pictures of everything they could be damaged on the property, whether it is the house itself, whether it is personal property inside the house. >> he says it is important to make an inventory and then contacted the insurance company. that way they can authorize an order the repairs. it is important to make sure that you have protected and cared for the items. >> frayed nerves are expectable, but we have heard stories of neighbors taking in neighbors. others holding cookouts with food that otherwise would have gone bad. one neighborhood is responding to the crisis. >> it has been a long and painfully hot few da
numbers from bge. baltimore county has it the worse with 69,000 customers out. baltimore city and anne arundel county also hit very hard, a total of 213,000 customers are without electricity across maryland. the storm damage reaches far beyond power outages. rochelle richie and adam may are tracking the progress. >> reporter: we're right off of bologna avenue, let me show you the huge mess they're dealing with here. all these power lines dripping down into the road. that has caused crews to shut down the tree for now. there's a large tree blocking the roads. even some of the side roads are having problems. tree trimmers just arrived on the scene. a short time ago there was a huge branch that was literally hanging from those wires. they just cut it down so these streets should be opening up pretty soon. >> this was a loud and furious storm. >> reporter: maxine's yard looks like a bomb went off losing a few trees that were 150 feet high. >> oh my god, i couldn't believe it. this one took that one and all the way down. >> reporter: across baltimore county the sound of generators and chain
are out, 20,000 baltimore county, 61,000 customers in baltimore city, are still without power in this heat. 20,000 prince georges county remain without power all told, across the state, service is out to nearly 211,000 bge customers. well, wjz is live. adam may from baltimore county with more how people are coping there it is tough adam. >> reporter: it is. termers are running short --temperers are running short. this is indicative of the scene right off boll loan that and charles you can see this huge pine tree landed on top of those wires and cut off power to this neighbourhood. >> across baltimore county the sound of generators, and chain saw, echo threw neighbourhoods. >> everywhere we have been all the same branches down trees down. trees on houses, trees on cars. >> reporter: jason has been working nonstop in the svelterring heat since saturday morning. >> this is like a hurricane, really bad. >> this was a wild and furious storm. >> reporter: her yard looks like a bomb went off losing a few trees more than 150 feet high. >> oh, my god i couldn't believe it. this one took out that on
,000. baltimore city 59,000. howard, carroll and harford are starting to come back online. when a trough falls in baltimore, everybody knows about it. joce sterman is on northern parkway. pel are living in tree houses, aren't they? >> absolutely. they have no way out unless they want to sneak out the back. this is not just one tree. this is one, two, three, four that have fallen down on the 1100 block of east parkway. these trees, for some of them, come all the way up to the doorway. the only lady had can get out is on the corner, miss judy. her neighbor is in the able to get out. the the whole way. just about 10 minutes ago a representative from the city was here and they have put in the official order to deal with these trees. that's good news. bad news is those guys still don't have power, so they're sweating inside their houses and the worst news is these four trees provided them a great deal of shade and guess what, they are gone for good. so they're dealing with a lot, but they're within set of neighbors dealing with a lot. we saw cars that were crushed by trees in some neighborhoods. th
,000 in baltimore city. in ann arundel county about 41,000 customers. all 230,000 are still waiting on crews to restore their power. some of the best views are from sky chopper 13. captain long, what do you see out there? >> reporter: what we're looking at here just south of towson is a sizable tree that's fallen and not been removed. we saw a couple cars driving down the road. even though there's been some good damage and tangled phone lines the traffic is getting by. it's typical of what we've been seeing. most of the clean up is well underway. roads are looking good. we went all the way down to ann arundel county. reporting live, i'm cam tin -- captain jeff long. >>> tim williams and bernadette woods have a lot more. were going to start with bernadette. >> good afternoon. we're going to start out with that loop from the storms that made their way through. this is a very strong line of thunderstorms, as we all well know. wind gusts over 70 miles per hour. that's equivalent to hurricane force winds. as it continued to the eastern shore, still a lot of problems, but it weakened as it headed
information from baltimore city mayor, stephanie rawlings blake's office, the heat alert has been extended through tuesday because of dangers from hot temperatures. today, at 10:00 this morning, ice will be passed out to people at four locations, the community action program will operate five centers around the city, open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. cool air and free water. the health department's office of aging and care services will operate six additional cooling centers and the health department recommends that you remember to drink water or juice, avoid alcohol and caffeine and wear light colored clothing. 25 people have utilized the five cooling community rooms are open as cooling centers as well. local pet stores like pet smart and animal control centers offered facilities to help pets. call 311 to report downed trees in the roadways and call 911 for police, fire and medical emergencies and log on to abc2news.com for a list of those cooling centers we have all the information and telephone numbers on our home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> number of streets and avenues contin
baltimore city wittout power.more than 69- thousann in ballimore coonty... and more than 38- thousand in anne arundel county.b-g-e has restored power to more thaa 466-thousand of its customers pince friday night. it was hours bbfore b-g-e this downed wire innthe back yard of a home near the intersection oo park heights and spaulding avenues.the owners of the hhme asked the &pfire department for help butt obviousll they were unable to wws shut off.officials say if you ever see downed wires... never touch them and always &passume electricityyii still running through them. and jjining us right now... is b-g-e spokesman, rob gould. 3 3 3 as we've been seeing and hearing...the storm created a maryland...and across huge mess all storm creeted a hearing...the seeing and as we've been 3 hearing...the storm cceated a hugg mess all across maryland...and there's still photojournalist dave larson caught up with some residents of north baltimore who are anxious for action. action. 3 p3for action. action. we have been getting hundreds of pictures from our fox45 viewers ... when news happens....
in baltimore city. anne anne arundel count tip has 38,000. >>> we're across the state with rochelle richie but first up is adam may in townsend baltimore county which was hard hit like many other count tips. >> reporter: let me show you some of the problems we're dealing with. this road here, bologna avenue being shut down. if you look over here, there are more power lines down. they are dangling in this yard. if you come around this way there's a good sight for people in this neighborhood. tree trimmers showed up about an hour ago. they are cutting down this giant pine tree so they can make repairs to this power pole that snapped down in those high winds. just off court road. >> this was a wild and furious storm. >> reporter: sissorman's tree came down. >> this one took out that one, and all the way down. >> reporter: across baltimore county the sound of generators and chain saws echo through neighborhoods. >> everywhere we've been it's all the same. with branches down, trees down, trees on houses, trees on cars. >> reporter: jason has been working nonstop in the sweltering heat since sun
assessments and referrals into the community. we're in about 13 different baltimore city public schools, where we provide substance abuse and mental health screening, as well as provide treatment, referral, crisis intervention, and mental health supports for the school system. it get better, you know? right. get better if you work on it, try to keep yourself focused. it is very important that we find out what the individual is requesting, what they're in need of, so that we can better address both other organizations' problems, such as homelessness, hiv, substance abuse co-occurring, and, a lot of times, legal issues are also in need of. i want to thank you for letting me see this second half of your recovery up until the-you know-golden time of day. so- research to practice is using the research that's been shown to be positive for patient outcomes and applying it to practice. what's your top thing on your addictions list? uh, to keep with the meetings and not slip from them. for a practice to be evidence-based, it would include various models of care that have been tested through research to
water as well. for more information on a cooling center near you in baltimore city call 311 or go to wjz.com. >>> we've shown you northwest baltimore, now we're going to show you more of baltimore. ron matz is live. >> reporter: you can see this massive tree knocked down by the storm. we're all dealing with the heat, lack of electricity, a lot of people with spoiled food. gigi barnett taking a look at ann arundel county. >> the weight of downed trees, snapped power lines in this neighborhood, residents are waiting for bge to take action. these long time neighbors have been in the dark since the winds rolled through the area friday night. >> no power. >> they're trying to get through the heat. >> well, we've been leaving the doors open, the windows open. >> they're shaded by a century old oak tree hoping for a breeze. >> we're still blessed because we still have our homes. some limbs came down out of one of these huge trees and it went the opposite direction. >> for some neighbors this weekend's storm has put a damper on their 4th of july holiday. others say they will find a way to celeb
, but emergency cooling centers are open. there are 11 of them run by baltimore city, which we are told will be unavailable from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 in the evening. -- will be available from in until 7:00 in the evening. call 311 before you head out. they are working on the roof in the station. >> things have eased up just a bit in the area. we have a report of the crash at caton avenue. another one at lafayette and poplar grove did another one at moravia park betw. downed wires in the intersection, could be closed at bonview in the city. middle river road, and in howard county, several situations related to this storm. downed pole at union chapel between men walk road. jennings chapel in florence, that remains closed for a downed tree. this the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike. 83 and york road, harrisburg expressway. >> we had some thunderstorms go through again last night, but they are moving off the coast, and the rest of the day should be fairly quiet. the dew points are in the low- to-mid-60's. that will make it feel a little bit better. high temperatures in th
might imagine it is not without controversy. >> reporter: like many cities baltimore has long sold ad space on trains and buses. now politicians here are seeing red. how unusual is it? >> it is unusual. >> reporter: councilman pete welsh is behind a proposal to sell ads on fire trucks to stop the cash strapped city from closing three stations for good. >> it's not selling out. having advertising puts control in the hands of the fire department itself. >> please don't shut down these companies. >> reporter: the city council just voted to support the measure. >> when i first heard about the bill i thought it was idiotic. why look like nascar? why do we want to look like a bus going down the street. after the shock wore off this shows how far we have to go to think outside the box. >> reporter: apparently baltimore isn't the only town thinking outside that box. city leaders throughout the country are getting creative to make ends meet. chicago has sold ad space on some iconic bridges to bank of america. philadelphia has rented out a transit station to at&t. and the small town of brazil,
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and wjz.com baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >> in the dark storms strike leaving maryland a mess. tonight the clock is ticking on restoration efforts as summer sizzles. >> we have complete coverage of the aftermath. thanks for joining us. dozens of schools will be closed tomorrow. we're running a list of them. friday night's storms swirled in fast killing two unsuspected marylanders. a woman was killed when this huge oak tree slammed right into her bedroom. a man also died as a tree crashed on top of his car. massive trees are down all across the mid-atlantic. this is a huge oak that tumbled on a car. huge oak that tumbled >>> golf fans were allowed back at the country club today but yesterday the spectators were banned. wjz is live with extensive coverage and our meteorologist is tracking another storm moving in now. let's check with eric and he's live with the latest on widespread power outages. >> are they making headway tonight? >> reporter: they ar
's the only way some people can stay cool right now. the city of baltimore has extended a red code heat alert until tuesday. let's look at what's going on. the massive storm has caused damage from indiana to the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: big smiles for a small simplicity. there were smiles for an ice give away in virginia. and that brought many like sahri bonet. >> there's no ice around here nowhere, we went to like two supermarkets and there's no ice. >> reporter: several fatalities were reported including a 27- year-old man when his vehicle was hit by a tree. eli blackwell was also in springfield and shares her experience. >> the wind just suddenly hit. it was really intense. ran inside. i had just put my stuff down. trying to figure out what i was going to do and i heard the tree. >> reporter: eight 100 plus records have been reported. it's close to the breaking point. >> all our phones are dead, in case of an emergency we can't make a call or anything. >> reporter: i'm april williams reporting. >>> heading out to help, volunteers from the bay area travel to fire ravaged colorado. wha
at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> this is wjz tv baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now in complete coverage it's wjz. maryland's news station. >> still coping. frustration grows for tens of thousands still without power. >> those deadly storms will be felt throughout the state for weeks and months to come. >> welcome to wjz special conch as a record storm st
to help with the power. don, back to you. >>> baltimore city police shot and killed a man. they witnessed 38-year-old michael woodty assault a woman. when they approached the man took off. an officer chased him. during a scuffle the officer shot the man. >>> a man missing in the rubble of a wear house was found dead inside. rescue crews pulled the body of 46-year-old roland haggins. a fort lift operator knocked over some shelves which knocked over the roof. >>> the search for a missing better is resuming this morning. the coast guard suspended the search last night. he was aboard a boat that capsized on saturday morning. four others were rescued by a fishing boat and the guard. the fifth man still has not been found. >>> today the ann arundel council is scheduled to vote on emergency legislation that would require all public pools to have a defibrillator. it's called conner's law. it is named after 5-year-old conner freed who died at a club pool in 2006 when he was not revived. the legislation needs five votes to pass. >>> with temperatures expected to approach the triple digits today, th
. we had some storms last night. we have some strong thunderstorms in ocean city but nothing around baltimore. the rest of the morning should be quiet. a mixture of sun and clouds. turning less humidity. high temperature around 92. keith mills came up with a new complaint. he said, why don't have a snowplow going down my street yet? love that. >> thank you for blowing my cover. the london olympics less than a month away. in other local athlete will represent the united states. group in arnold at last when he finished second in the men's 1500 meters -- he grew up in arnold. phelps won his last race taking down tyler mcgill. michael won four races. he qualified and could go after eight gold medals in london. he said he and his coach will decide how many he swims. three orioles are headed to the all-star game. jason hammel could still be voted in for the final spot. the birds landed in seattle last night after the birds lost to the indians. matusz struggled. downhill from there. home run from shelley duncan. defense was sloppy. little offense. aaron cunningham with a home run. the orio
ocean city. that's severe weather will stay away from baltimore. a mixture of sun and clouds. it will turn less humid. high temperature in the low 90's. the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> 70 degrees on tv hill. b.g.e. continues to restore power to more than 200,000 maryland residents. >> the heat remains. where you can get some relief. >> we have some downedwn [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. stillthis time we're saying this'll be a multi day restoration. >> it was it long weekend for half a million maryland residents and a to be even longer for many of them. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> more on the cleanup in just a minute. minute.
and that is 91 in the city, quantico, 95; baltimore,fully and this is how it looks for the evening and that is cooling down more tonight than last night and there is less humidity overnight and that will make it feel more comfortable and bow tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, the humidity surges in and just enjoy this break from the real humidity. and, again, know that it's around the corner and coming back. laura? >> all right, gary mcgrady, thank you. >>> coming up, firefighters in colorado gaining ground after a wildfire burns hundreds of homes. when residents can survey the damage. >>> and help is called into virginia. a massive wildfire continues to burn in shen anota national park.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consisten
rawlings blake passed out ice at a northeast baltimore community. the action program will operate five centers around the city, they will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each will have cool air and free water. the health department's office of aging and care services will offer 6 additional centers on a code red heat alert day, the health department recommends that you remember to drink water or juice. avoid alcohol and caffeine and wear light colored clothing. check on your senior citizens, call 311 with the heat related medical emergency and log on to abc2news.com for a complete list of the cooling centers and that story is located on our home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> mta wants everyone to know public transportation is operational and up and going this morning. crews said they were able to meet the needs of people to get somewhere if they need to today. bus service will arun but commuters could face diversions because of the streets blocked by fallen trees or power outages. >>> back over to mike, we thought we were out of the woods last night, around 12:30, a round r
passed out ice in a northeast baltimore community. the community action program will operate five centers around the city, each will have cool air and free water. they will operate 6 additional cooling centers. on a code red day, the health department recommends that you remember to drink water or juice, avoid alcohol and caffeine and try to way light colored clothing -- wear light colored clothing. >> check on those that you know don't have electricity or air- conditioning, make sure they have fans, make sure they have water. our seniors are extremely vulnerable in the heat. there is an increase in emergency room visits for heat exhaustion and heat related injuries. you can also call 311 with a heat related medical emergency and log on to abc2news.com for complete list of the cooling center, their addresses and phone numbers and it's located on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> the heat is not making things easy for a number of people in oh states. including the state of virginia. national weather service issued more than 100 tornado and severe warnings across the common we
many cities baltimore has long sold ad space on trains and buses. but now politicians here are eing red. how unusual is this idea? >> unusual. >> reporter: this councilman is behind the proposal to sell ads on fire trucks to stop the cash-strapped city from closing three stations including this one for good. >> it's not selling out. having advertising puts contl in the hands of the fire department itself. >> please don't shut down these companies. >> reporter: the city council just voted to support the measure. >> when i first heard the bill i thought i was idiotic. but after the shock wore off this shows how far that we have to go to think outside-the-box. >> reporter: apparently baltimore isn't the only town thinking outside of that box. city leaders throughout the country are getting creative to make end meet. chicago has sold ad space on so of its iconic bridges to bank of america. philadelphia has rented out a transit station to at&t. and brazil, indiana let k of c advertise their chicken wings on fire hydrants. but some say mixing the two is commercial graffiti. >> we live in a so
. because of the temperatures, the code red heat alert has been extended through tuesday. baltimore mayor passed out ice in a community trying to help in the heat. the community action program will operate five centers around the city, the centers will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., each will have cool air and free water. the health department's office of aging and care services will offer 6 additional centers on a code red heat alert day. the health department recommends that you remember to drink plenty of water or juice. avoid alcohol and caffeine, wear light colored clothing. remember to check on senior citizens and you can call 311 with a heat related medical emergency and log on to abc2news.com for a complete list of the cooling centers. that story is listed on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> in the midst of the weather, news to help you cool down, july is national ice cream month and a good excuse to head to the nearest ice cream shop to help clear down. today 42 baltimore county public scales will be closed -- schools will be closed. teachers are already in th
ocean city, you are next with this storm. washington, as you get up towards columbia and baltimore, a few showers up into the baltimore area, but otherwise, i think we'll wake up warm and rather muggy out this with overnight lows jut not bottoming out a whole lot. back into the upper 70s and low 80s. this piece of energy moving through. it is drying out the atmosphere a little bit behind it in its wake. we are thinking things will be a little less humid out there today. not going to be a comfortable day with highs in the mid-90s. it won't feel quite as bad as it has the past several days. here is why it is not a comfortable start. 80 in washington. we are not getting reports from several stations because of electric problems. 69 in martinsburg and 70 in hagerstown. a little better here north and west of the city. sunshine, hot, could be a few storms later today. most of your day dry. 95, wind out of the north and west at five to 10. late are tonight, partly cloudy skies, warm and muggy overnight. 74 the overnight low and your wind continue to be here out of the north and west at fi
the dakotas all the way to the east coast. temperatures soared past the 100-degree mark in many cities over the weekend. shot up to 97 in baltimore. so hot in fact people were lining up for those much-coveted bags of ice. more now from abc's ginger zee. >> reporter: it's an epic heat wave. >> i think it is too hot. i am not a heat person. >> reporter: 105 in atlanta, georgia. 103, raleigh, north carolina, 103 for birmingham, alabama. big numbers under a huge heat dome. it is not a technical term. here's what it is. a high-pressure system that settles in and barely budges. here's how it works. high pressure compresses air to the ground increasing the molecule's energy and that warms it up all around us. that's the science. here's how it feels -- oppressive heat with no break. a gigantic fan offering relief at a golf tournament in atlanta. for this pup, took an icy treat to cool down. in atlanta, it was one too many overheated innings, the nationals pitcher pulled out of the game with heat exhaustion. across the river in new jersey, paramedics were responding to emergency heat-related calls,
's a major cleanup operation under way right now. want to bring in the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake. her city has extended a code red heat alert through tomorrow. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> tell me what you're doing for folks in the baltimore area to keep them from suffering heat exhaustion, heat stroke. it's supposed to be triple digits for the next couple of days. >> we're dealing with two weather emergencies, certainly the derecho, weird storm that no one knows what it is, but the heat is the majorening and that's where we anticipate being vulnerable with heat deaths. we've been giving out ice an asking city residents to check on vulnerable neighbors, those without power and they know don't have air conditioning. check on them, living in isolation, to check and really come together neighbor to neighbor. >> i read you spent your sunday, correct me if i'm wrong, handing out ice blocks to people who i know don't have the ac and in terms of major intersections, have lived in the d.c., baltimore area. i know morning commutes aren't fun, especially adding insult to
creative, baltimore is going to sell ads on fire trucks to stop the cash strapped city. let's have a listen. >> when i first heard about the bill, i thought it was idiotic. why do we want to look like nascar or a bus. this shows how far we have to go to think outside of the box. >> if this is something that keeps the fire company open and people safe, this is something you want to consider. >> chicago also sold ad space on theridges to bank of america while philadelphia rented out a transit station to at&t and brazil, indiana let kfc advertise the chicken wings on the fire hydrants. >> all right. let's talk a different kind of money. that's what we will spend for the barbecue on the fourth of july. >> apparently july fourth will be easier this year on your pocket book. the majority of americans plan to celebrate with a cook out and no surprises there, but according to a special big inside analysis, the average price of an independence picnic is down to $59.14. as for the total spend on cook outs, $2.4 billion based on a shopping list of all the things you need for a cook out. >> mandy drury
. the heavy rain now east cambridge, salisbury. ocean city with a few lipgerring scattered showers back to the west. warrenton and baltimore. we could see more 9:00 a.m. and sunny, 79 to 83. again by noontime already up to 90, maxing out at 95 today. >> i-95 northbound. ft. mchenry tunnel, the that right tube closed. multivehicle crash with four vehicles. traffic is reversing out of the tube. they're getting in the left tube. you are going to see delays on i-95 northbound in maryland. let's head over to woodbine. route 94, this woodbine road is closed from old frederick road to i-70 because of down trees in that area. your alternate roads are going to be morgan station road. let's head over this time to westbound i-70 at the woodbine exit. debris blocks the right lane. aaron and eun? >>> 6:12. 76 degrees. after the break, a weekend golf faps will never for bet. some of the remarkable images of the damage done of the picturesque congressional country club. >>> update on the clean-up. efforts to get the lights back on. our team coverage after the st switching to progressive could mean hun
across our region from baltimore all the way down, and making its way across the chesapeake. down towards salisbury and ocean city, all the effects from this storm. the good news is it is out of here. we do not expect to see any more anytime soon. how rare is this? well, 1 in 4, or one every four years, star derechos are concerned. one in every two years back to the west, including allegheny county, but it's back to the west he hear about this. chicago, cincinnati, places in ohio, they see about one of those a year. for us, once every four years, i don't think we even see this kind of derecho. it could be one every ten or 20 when we have this type of storm. i'll update you on the complete forecast over the next couple minutes. >>> to help commuters who will be leaving d.c. tonight, hov restrictions have been suspended. that means drivers are free to use any lane of i-270 during the evening rush. >>> also, there is help for xwhuter headed toward virginia tonight. v-dot is lifting hov restrictions for interstate 66 web inside the beltway. regular restrictions to two or more passengers per v
areas. you had one area of some heavier rain and lightning that went just knot of baltimore. then you had another area that split and went down to the south. fredericksburg, now headed towards cambridge and areas like salisbury and ocean city. salisbury in the next 28 minutes. in fact, snow hill in the next 43 minutes. bringing heavy rain in that little area that you see there. the possibility of some hail. earlier in damascus, three quarter-inch size hail in damascus, virginia, this morning. holding at 80. the last hour here. last two hours, in fact. 62 degrees. the current dew point temperature. plenty sticky outside already. rockville at 72. college park at 76. 80 there in areas of d.c. and today's high, 95 degrees. but with a chance for showers and storms scattered. just a slight chance from about noon until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. danella? >> still seeing dark traffic lights this morning. a lot of debris in the roadway so you have to be cautious as you leave your house and make your way. traveling on old georgetown road near battery lane. all of your lanes are blocked there bec
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